We’d like to offer you the opportunity to engage your staff in a team-building activity that is interesting, relevant, timely and potentially life-saving.  

There is a whole psychology behind team-building activities, in which seminars are traditionally structured using games, role-playing, and exercises to take people out of their comfort zones and into an environment where they are forced to see each other out of the usual context of the workplace.  The act of filling in the blanks, identifying previously unknown attributes, working together, and simply seeing each other as people with lives beyond the “office”, can lead to a better understanding of one another and a more cohesive unit overall.

At Train Like You Mean It, we believe we can achieve those same goals

…without the games.

 Our focus is REALITY-BASED SELF DEFENSE, and the purpose of our team-building activities is to address the very real concerns that most individuals face in today’s volatile world…the possibility of an armed attacker entering their work place, and being placed in the position of having to take action to defend their lives.

Our training is geared to increase their odds of survival!


All training takes place at our facility (no real weapons on premises/facsimile only), clearly explained with no surprises


 The objective is to learn how to defend yourself (and those with you) in a room or office, should an armed attacker enter your workplace & you are unable to flee the premises safely.


No fancy “ninja” tactics/geared for unarmed civilians


The team leader package allows your team to practice what they have learned on-site at your workplace in drill format.

Empower your staff & give them the opportunity to learn a little about themselves, and each other, in the process!