How do I get started in HaganaH?

First – you need to see if it is for you. We make this easy. We give you the opportunity to take a class for FREE… no obligation.   That makes it easy to decide if this is training you will do. Most people like it so much, they decide they want to do it after their very first class.  Although we try to give you a look at what we do via this website, seeing is believing. Take an hour or so out of your life and come in to try some free training. Put yourself in a position to make an informed decision.

Who Trains in HaganaH?

All sorts of people.  You start from where you are now.  HaganaH is appropriate for virtually everyone.  There is no specific ” type” of individual.  Executives, administrative assistants,  students, police officers, first responders, military personnel and many others train in Haganah.   At this time, our F.I.G.H.T. classes are available to adults only (18yrs), S.A.F.E. is a Women Only class (13yrs+).  What matters is a desire and willingness to learn how best to defend yourself  and your loved ones appropriately, if it becomes necessary to do so.

Do I have to have experience in martial arts in order to learn HaganaH?

No. Haganah is designed to be simple-to-use and quickly learned. The movements are based on natural reactions and are not difficult to pick up. HaganaH, unlike many traditional martial arts, isn’t meant to be “beautiful.” It’s meant to be effective. And to reach that level of effectiveness in the shortest period possible. HaganaH has to be all of this. The system is based on tactics taught in the Israeli Military. Israel has a mandatory military service requirement therefore its military must teach all Israeli civilians to be effective combatants quickly regardless of their background.

You get the benefit of a system designed to teach average people to protect themselves in all types of situations.

All HaganaH programs are based upon this approach.

Interestingly, many students do have martial arts experience.  Virtually all say that HaganaH would be what they would rely on for real world self defense in a real life or death attack.   In competition, it’s their martial arts training.   In the street, it’s HaganaH.

Do I have to be in good physical shape before starting classes?

No.  Our classes will help encourage you to get in better shape, and will help you to do so, but you’ll be able to pace yourself as your strength and endurance build.   It won’t be long until you surprise yourself with what you’re able to do.  If you do have physical limitations, please let your instructors know so they can advise you accordingly.

If I sign up for HaganaH, should I cross-train in other disciplines?

Sure.  HaganaH is an excellent system for self-defense.  But, we also encourage Cross-training in other specialties, especially once you’ve got the basics in place (such as grappling/jiu-jitsu, firearms, etc.)  

I’m in my early-40s+. Am I too old to start learning Haganah or SAFE tactics?

Most definitely you are NOT.  Our self-defense classes are geared toward adults.  We have a wide range of ages… the commonality being a desire for each individual to handle themselves appropriately in a worse case scenario.  Being fit is always an asset, but you don’t want to “wait until you’re in good shape” to learn how to defend yourself! There is plenty of room to pace yourself and to work at your own level…improving individually with practice.

Do I need a workout partner?

No, you’ll train with other students in class and assistant instructors.  It is vital to work with a variety of different body types/sizes and temperaments.  We have a very friendly atmosphere at Train Like You Mean It!  Those who are more experienced often pair up with those who are less experienced.  In a safe, team oriented approach, people work together to achieve a common goal.  We operate on the concept of repetitive practice, not competition.

Is HaganaH really different than other martial arts systems out there today?

Very much so.  HaganaH is not a sport based system modified to deal with self-defense situations.  HaganaH is a self-defense system built from the ground up and tested in combat.  HaganaH integrates unarmed and armed combat, including gun and knife use, from a very specific background to create practitioners capable or dealing with any type of self-defense situation.  Even though you may not take a single course in armed combat, and you certainly won’t take the specialty courses designed for law enforcement and military members (HaganaH Headquarters), you still benefit from their existence in the system.  Those elements ensure that everything you learn is real – it’s effective and tested.

HaganaH combines its elements in very unique ways to create new approaches.  Although common attack scenarios are covered in HaganaH, HaganaH is not a scenario based system per se. It focuses on achieving certain common objectives in virtually all scenarios, thereby making it easier to learn and more immediately effective than many systems.