Mike Lee Kanarek

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MIKE LEE KANAREK, Founder & Chief US Instructor – Haganah (official bio)

* Israeli Special Forces Combat Veteran – 3 Years

* 6th Degree Black Belt- Joe Lewis American Full Contact Karate

* Fourth Degree Black Belt- Survival Hisardut

* First Degree Black Belt- Krav Maga

* Brown Belt- Brazilian Jui-Jitsu

* Certified Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor

* Self-Defense Instructor of the Year-FL Martial Arts Brotherhood Hall of Fame

* Combat Shooting Expert

* Tactical Knife Fighting Expert

* Black Belt Magazine’s Instructor of the Year 2007

* Black Belt Hall of Fame

Mike was born of a Vietnamese mother and American soldier father in 1967 in the midst of the Vietnam War. He was adopted by a Jewish family and brought to Belgium. His adoptive father was a soldier in the Haganah – the partisan army that fought for statehood for Israel. Mike lived in Europe for part of his youth and in Israel for most of it. As a tribute to his Asian heritage, his adoptive parents enrolled him in Judo training at the age of six.

At 18, Mike volunteered for service in the IDF and stepped back into the crucible of combat as an Israeli Special Operations Group Commando of the battle-hardened Golani Brigade in the Orev Golani Unit. His hard-core small team Special Ops unit operated behind enemy lines and in areas where extreme violence was daily routine. He has become a world class Hand-to-Hand Combat instructor. Mike brings to the table this knowledge and over 20 years of full contact martial arts experience to teach you to devastate an attacker fast.

Mike speaks six languages, including English, Hebrew and French, and has trained individuals and Special Forces units all over the world.

Mike has used his unique vision and experience to found HaganaH, a progressive mixed Israeli self-defense and fighting system that addresses the needs of everyone – from housewives to homeland security professionals. He has achieved the only endorsement of a street fighting system given in the past 20 years by a legendary martial artist – the father of American kickboxing and a peer of Bruce Lee – Joe Lewis – himself a marine veteran of none other than the same war that produced Mike. “I’ve seen Mike train people in his system,” says Joe, World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion. “His program is outstanding. Everyone is impressed by his material and method of teaching.”

Mike’s system, HaganaH (which translates from Hebrew to ‘Defense’), is now taught in over 60 locations throughout the U.S. He has certainly overcome the odds. And he has developed a system designed to help law abiding citizens do the same.

In addition to his civilian clientele, Mike trains local agents of the FBI, DEA, US Secret Service and local SWAT Operators. On a National level Mike has trained the U.S. Coast Guard Special Unit TACLET in Florida , U.S. Army Special Forces in Georgia and Marine Recon/Raiders in California. Training includes hand-to-hand combat, tactical knife fighting, combat shooting and counter-terrorist tactics. Haganah has been taught to the U.S. military at the base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where the Taliban and other terrorist prisoners are being held.

Mike’s passion is bringing together the best elements of various practical combat fighting arts as taught by world-class instructors, adding military tested elements to it, and teaching them in the fastest and most effective way possible to enable people to come home safe each day – What he calls “Fast Deployment Training”! Mike is an elite operator who is interested in teaching what he knows to students at all levels. He derives satisfaction from helping the average person develop new skills and self-confidence and seeing them walk out feeling powerful.