OUR MISSION: Effective Tools in your Toolbox

At Train Like You Mean It!, our mission is to equip you with the best possible tools to be able to handle yourself appropriately & effectively in a self defense/emergency situation.  We hope you never have need of any of them, but should you find yourself or your loved ones in harm’s way, we want you to know what you can realistically do…

and how to do it!

F.I.G.H.T. Self Defense Classes

For us, self defense training begins with learning to handle a physical attack against your own person.  The F.I.G.H.T. classes are specifically designed around the most common attack scenarios, unarmed attacker or armed attacker.  They are based on muscle memory, which requires practice, focus and a willingness to put in the time & effort.  We do NOT teach a “stomp on their foot & yell” kind of self defense.  Nor do we advocate 1 day seminars beyond general information & awareness.  There is no “quick fix”.  We are not here to take your money and leave you with a false sense of security.

We are NOT a “traditional” martial arts school:

Although both of us have traditional martial arts experience, we are NOT putting ourselves out there as a “traditional martial arts” facility.  Nor are we a “sports facility” or MMA gym.  The F.I.G.H.T. system can be considered a martial arts hybrid – in which effective techniques have been taken from various traditional & non-traditional martial arts and incorporated for specific purposes.  We use what works in a self defense situation.  It’s not pretty and it’s not for entertainment.

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We do offer ONE DAY, “team-building” seminars, that can be tailored to your group, to introduce basic skills & explore the key concepts around self defense training.  This is an excellent way to provide your group with an interesting & practical event that will engage both their brains & their bodies, while encouraging them to interact with each other in ways that they wouldn’t have otherwise due to the narrow context by which they usually associate. 

Given current events, seen daily in the news, most everyone is interested in how best they can respond should the unthinkable take place.  Most just don’t know where to start.  By taking individuals out of their comfort zones to focus on a common goal, that hits each of them on a personal level, camaraderie is built and a better understanding of each other as individuals can be gained.

Self Defense and personal preparedness are the FOCUS of everything we do at Train Like You Mean It!

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