AMBASSADORS-001Kaz & Colin are pictured here with our Chief Instructor & the founder of the F.I.G.H.T. System (HaganaH),

Mike Lee Kanarek.  


We are proud to be Ambassadors of the system he has established…and one of only a handful of training facilities, worldwide, authorized to test HaganaH Black Belts.  

“Platinum status” is both an honor and a responsibility…and, we take it very seriously.



Colin Rhoads

P1010158-001Colin receiving the much-coveted HaganaH Black Belt & coin (March 2015), directly under Mike Lee Kanarek – following a rigorous & demanding 3 day(72hr) testing process, involving multiple components (stress & aggression challenges/combat fitness/live-fire IPTT/hand to hand techniques/ sparring & more).  

Out of 15 original candidates, only 9 were ultimately successful that year.


“I am very proud of Colin …The FIRE he went through is Xtremely Hot, and this year the heat was even hotter than previous ones… Steady Wins The Race, Colin …you pushed the pace brilliantly throughout the entire weekend all the way to the Final round of sparring – peaking at the right moment!!!!!!!!
Kudos Colin, you are one of only 54 MLK HaganaH Black Belts in the entire world…

the Elite of The Elite”

(Mike Lee Kanarek, March 2015)


10th Annual HaganaH Conference (2015)


HAGANAH CONFERENCE 2015In addition to his HaganaH Black Belt & F.I.G.H.T. Instructor Certification (GEN 2), Colin holds his Israeli Tactical Knife (I.T.K. 3000/blade warrior/GEN2), Israeli Professional Tactical Training (I.P.T.T./Firearms training) and Ground Survival Certifications.


Colin has also been certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer (NESTA), is a SKOGG SYSTEM Certified Kettle Bell Instructor, Certified IMPACT System Fitness Instructor, and TRX Suspension Training Group Instructor.   Colin trained in Tae Kwon Do from the age of 5yrs and received his first Black Belt at the age of 13 under Grand Master Lee.  Colin has also trained in various other martial arts over the years (Jui jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA and Kung Fu).


Karen (Kaz) Rhoads

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Kaz spent her earlier years in Canada practicing (and teaching) Rehabilitative Massage Therapy and in 1996 she acquired her EMT license via Yale University in Connecticut.  In Oregon, Kaz was later certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer (NESTA), is a SKOGG SYSTEM Certified Kettle Bell Instructor, Certified IMPACT System Fitness Instructor, and TRX Suspension Training Group Instructor.

P1010115-001Kaz (front middle) and Colin (back left/3rd across) during Israeli Professional Tactical Training (March 2015)

Kaz is proudly Certified as a HAGANAH F.I.G.H.T. INSTRUCTOR (GEN2) under Founder & Chief Instructor, Mike Lee Kanarek.  In addition to her F.I.G.H.T. Instructor certification, Kaz holds her Israeli Tactical Knife (I.T.K. 3000/Blade warrior/gen2) Certification.  In addition to F.I.G.H.T., Kaz teaches women’s only S.A.F.E. classes.

P1010133-001Kaz with MLK and two I.P.T.T. “specialists” (March 2015)


As a Certified ALICE Instructor, Kaz has happily volunteered her time to work with the Eugene & Springfield police departments, and the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, in their efforts to teach the ALICE Training system throughout Lane County (primarily in schools & government organizations), since 2014.  ALICE training is one of her passions! 


In Oct 2017, Kaz became an authorized ALICE Training Institute Referral Partner, enabling Train Like You Mean It LLC to continue to teach the ALICE program to individuals, groups & businesses in our community.


Train Like You Mean It!

After training for several years in the basics of the HaganaH System, Colin and Kaz chose to further their training by going directly to the source at HaganaH Headquarters in Florida.  Upon achieving their Instructor Certifications and endorsement by Mike Lee Kanarek, Colin & Kaz were proud to be offered the opportunity to open their own HAGANAH (Nucleus) School (2011), in which only Certified Instructors teach F.I.G.H.T. classes.


The HaganaH NUCLEUS was created in 2011 by the Founder & Chief Instructor of the HaganaH system, Mike Lee Kanarek, with the mission of pointing the public to the elite, qualified, dedicated and loyal F.I.G.H.T. Instructors within the HaganaH system who are keeping up directly with the evolution of its combative methodologies as taught personally by Mike Lee Kanarek. The HaganaH NUCLEUS is the direct leading organization within the HaganaH system, who introduced the FIGHT program several years ago , and it bears Mike Lee Kanarek’s personal seal of approval on each member Instructor. Every single HaganaH NUCLEUS FIGHT Instructor has trained directly under Mike Lee Kanarek to upgrade his/her teaching repertoire within the HaganaH system within an 11 months period.

We are the ONLY Instructors authorized to teach

HaganaH/F.I.G.H.T. System in Oregon.