911 Fitness Challenge Logo

TRAIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT! is delighted to be able to give back by donating our time/facility as a weigh-in HOST to support the *911 Responder participants in reaching their health goals, while also benefiting the Shriner’s Hospital for Children!


The 911 Fitness Challenge is a team competition with prize money of $5,000 for the entire region.

Registration is only $49.00 per person. The 911 Fitness Challenge is a Weight Loss Contest for the Public Safety Population to LOSE FAT and GAIN MUSCLE as a TEAM. This approach promotes TEAMWORK and Camaraderie.

Eligibility requires team members to be Active or Retired Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, EMS, Military, Corrections, Nurses, Physicians and the SPOUSES, ALL CIVILIANS who work for 911 Agencies, including staff, communications dispatchers, etc. for any of these occupations that fall under the 911 responder category.


As per regulations, we use the LANGE SKINFOLD CALIPERS for body fat measurements (3 locations).

***This is an annual event.  If you have a group/team that would like to participate, please contact us and/or go to the 911 Fitness Challenge Website for details.