“Healthy Moves is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization bringing movement, fitness and fun to elementary students through a six-week trainer-in-residence program. Due to school budget cuts, many physical education programs have been eliminated, leaving classroom teachers to teach PE classes, many times without specialized training. Healthy Moves trainers work with students and their teacher demonstrating fitness activities and providing a model the teacher can use for future PE classes. This approach reduces the teacher planning time for physical education and gives students fitness activities they enjoy. The students develop physical skills required in state teaching standards. Healthy Moves provides teachers with a fitness format that can be used by all teachers of grades two through five.” (Healthy Moves Website)


TRAIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT! (Colin & Kaz) participated as volunteer trainers in the Healthy Moves Pilot Program at Clear Lake Elementary School in March/February 2011.

They ran two 4th Grade PE classes for SIX weeks, with an emphasis on functional fitness, leaving the teachers with a template for future PE classes.  They also donated TWO “training ladders” to the school’s PE program.

It was a valuable experience for all involved & the program has grown & expanded since that time!